Codings & Adaptations

This module is a simple and functional tool for changing codings and adaptation channels of control units, as well as loading datasets and performing basic settings.

The Dataset downloader also provides access to the “Stock Service”, which allows you to get factory datasets in real time. You can either create a request by entering all the necessary data manually, or automatically when connecting to the car, or using a backup copy of the car. The service “Stock Service” is not included in the module/subscriptions and is paid separately.

Among other things, this module provides access to uploading ZDCoder job files.

Standalone module€52*

ECU Flasher

The ECU Flasher allows you to flash control units, as well as load parametric data in ODX, ODX-F, FRF, FRF-F, PDX and VCTF formats.

VCTool has an extensive online database with firmware and parameters, which is constantly updated. All files are checked for compatibility using meta-information in the firmware containers.

Demonstration of online flashing

ECU Flasher supports uploading datasets into zFAS control units on the MLBEvo/MQBevo platforms with external signature storage (.sig files).

NOTE: Flashing is only available when using eNet, VAS5054/6154 and J2534 interfaces!

Standalone module€78*


The module allows monitoring the parameters of the control unit at a high speed. During operation, the parameters are displayed on the indicator panel, where each parameter can be presented both in numerical (text) form, and in the form of a signal graph (if the parameter is numeric).

After the completion of the session of reading the parameters, the received data can be viewed both in graphical and tabular form.

If you are constantly dealing with measurements, you will be able to save measurement profiles! This greatly simplifies the work and saves time!

Standalone module€48*


VCTool has a powerful tool for working with backups – it allows you to create a full scan of the car, which includes codings, adaptations, fault codes, as well as parameter sets of infotainment system modules containing audio system settings. Among other things, you can create a snapshot of all measured values at the time of the backup.

The backup manager allows you to view the backups in a convenient view, as well as restore the parameters both individually and completely and to compare two backups.

Backup viewer works without connecting to vehicle!
You can help the community by sharing the backup with other VCTool users!
Starting from version 1.11, backups can be run as a virtual car using the UDS ECU Simulator module!
Standalone module€78*

MIB Manager

In addition to changing the parameters of blocking functions depending on the speed (video in motion, MirrorLink in motion, etc.), it is now indispensable for fans of experimenting with sound on MIB1, 2, 2.5 and 3!
  • Database of more than 100 sound datasets of different versions! Download to the MIB unit in one click – just select the desired one from the list and click the flash button.
  • Dataset editor in HEX format with automatic calculating of checksums and uploading changes to the unit! VCTool will subtract any dataset from your MIB and display its contents in a simple HEX editor.

VIM Manager supports reading, editing and writing of lock data for MIB1, MIB2, MIB2.5 and MIB3 modules. 

To quickly change values, the module has two function buttons: to unlock video in motion and to unlock MirrorLink in motion.

Standalone module€78*


This module is designed to conveniently view the ZDC container files, activate functions based on instructions in the container, as well as create job files to activate functions based on PR codes. Containers are not included in the module!

The ZDCoder module allows you to make changes to the coding, as well as upload datasets of any generation (XML Gen1 and Gen2, ODX / FRF with or without external .SIG)

The job files you have created can be linked to a specific user or VIN number, so you can simplify your work on remote activation of pre-installed equipment. Any subscription or separately purchased Codings & Adaptation module is required to open the job files.

Standalone module€99*


The ABS / ESP VIN Coder module allows you to encode the car model and VIN number into the existing coding of the brake system control unit.
This module is indispensable when installing new or used control units, or when restoring a lost coding.

PLEASE NOTE: This module does not allow you to get ALL coding from scratch, but only to encode VIN and type of brake system into an existing coding, for example, coding from another car, or coding generated in ZDCoder.

Standalone module€59*

One-click presets

A large number of presets for activating functions in one click. You can activate both individually and put the options of interest in the queue and activate the functions in batches!

Most of the presets are free. Paid presets are included with Premium and Team subscriptions. If you do not have a subscription, then you can get access to all the presets by purchasing a coupon that is valid for 1 month and is tied to the VIN of the car.

Coupon price€16*

DSG DQ200 Diagnostics

This module allows you to diagnose the condition of the clutch package of the DSG / S-Tronic DQ200 gearbox, in accordance with the procedure described in VW SSP No. 94
Standalone module€8*


The C# Application Development Module allows for the creation and execution of applications using a robust built-in API for vehicle interactions. From basic data retrieval operations to advanced control unit firmware updates, this module offers a comprehensive toolset for customization.

Furthermore, the module provides the capability to host and publish your applications on our server-based AppCenter repository, offering a centralized location for application storage and distribution.

API Documentation

CAN Logger / Analyzer

The CAN Logger/Analyzer module is designed for capturing CAN bus frames using J2534 and Lawicell CanHacker interfaces. This module enables comprehensive analysis of UDS packets, including packet information retrieval, payload inspection, data extraction from traces, as well as bus monitoring and manual packet transmission to the bus. It supports trace file formats such as VCTool, CanBusAnalyzer, ODIS Bustrace, CANary trace log, and CAN Logger CSV.
Standalone module€25*

SWaP Manager

The SWaP Manager provides comprehensive information about installed SWaP/FoD codes in the vehicle, complete with detailed status descriptions. It also offers a convenient tool for one-click offline activation of FS IDs through the upload of FSC datasets.

Standalone module€8*

RDKS Editor

The RDKS Editor module is designed for generating and uploading pressure profile datasets into the tire pressure control unit. This module streamlines the process of customizing and managing tire pressure settings profiles.
Standalone module€10*

More Features

  • Gateway Installation list manager
  • MQB Lights configurator
  • Ambient lights editor
  • Dataset encryptor
  • DTC Reader
  • Login bruteforcer
  • Login database
  • Adaptation login finder
  • Memory cells editor/scanner

More Features

  • Gateway Installation list manager
  • RDKS Editor
  • MQB Lights configurator
  • Ambient lights editor
  • Dataset encryptor
  • Codings history
  • DTC Reader
  • CAN Logger
  • SWaP Manager
  • Login bruteforcer
  • Login database
  • Adaptation login finder

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Category: Vehicle Diagnostic Software

Requires Microsoft Windows 8 / 10 / 11, x86/x64/ARM64

At least 1Gb HDD space

Internet access

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