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FreeLiteLite PlusProUltimate
for 1 year, or €29 for 1 month
for 1 month
for 1 year, or €59 for 1 month
for 1 year, or €78 for 1 month
Number of VINUnlimitedUnlimitedLimited to 5 VINUnlimitedUnlimited
Basic functionality
It includes reading DTC, accessing live data, and provides access to free presets for one-click feature activation.
Paid one-click presets
Paid presets for one-click feature activations
For a feeFor a feeFor a fee
ECUFlasher module
Flashing FRF, ODX, PDX and VCTF containers
Codings & Adaptations module
Includes coding, adaptations, basic settings and dataset upload
Measurements module
Reading measured values and their graphical analysis
Backups module
Create, view and compare vehicle backups
Creation onlyCreation only
DQ200 Diagnostics module
Diagnostics of the DSG DQ200 gearbox
SWaP Manager module
A convenient tool for viewing installed SWaP codes and quickly uploading FSC datasets
MIB Manager module
Managing MIB unit parameters (VIM, Controls, Datasets)
MQB Lamp Configurator module
Convenient adjustment of lighting channels of MQB BCM
RDKS Profiles generator module
Creating and loading tire pressure monitoring system profiles
Dataset encryptor module
A tool for creating encrypted datasets, convenient for secure distribution of datasets
Porsche Security Lock module
Allows you to remove the Security lock from Porsche control units
Memory Cells module
Scanning, reading and writing memory cells
ABS / ESP VIN Coder module
The module is intended for coding the type of brake system and VIN of the car into the existing coding of the ESP control unit.
ZDCoder module
The module is designed to work with ZDC factory containers containing description and data for configuring control units in accordance with PR kit codes.
CAN Logger module
The module is designed to listen to the CAN bus using the J2534 or CAN Hacker Lawicell interfaces, as well as to analyze the recorded traces and extract data from them.
AppEngine module
A module that allows you to create applications in the built-in C# scripting language
Searching by PR-codes among backups
Viewing configuration information by VIN
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* The prices listed above do not include taxes. VAT is charged only to residents of the European Union.
You can upgrade to higher plan anytime.

Annual subscriptions can be renewed for the following year at a 15% (Lite), 20% (Pro) and 25% (Ultimate) discount, provided that the renewal is made within a month prior to the expiration of the current subscription period.

The generation of SFD tokens and requests to the Stock Service are not included in any subscription and are provided for an additional fee!

100% Safe & Secure Payments.

All Plan includes

Read and clear DTCs

Including free plan

Using datasets hosted on the server

For a fee on a free plan

Reading measured values

Apply free one-click presets

Paid presets are still available for a fee, if not included in the plan

Buying SFD tokens

Working with the Stock Service

Creating backups

If the subscription does not contain a backup module, then only creating backups and using them in presets is available

Reading codings and adaptations

Read-only for free plan

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