Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions

What is VCTOOL?

This is a modular diagnostic software that provides rich functionality with which you can code, flash control units, upload datasets, create backup copies of calibrations, monitor the measured values of the components using a convenient measured value wizard, quickly and safely activate hidden functions on a car built on the MQB, MQBevo, MEB or MLBEvo platform, and much more.

PQ, PL and MLB platforms are not supported in the current version of VCTool!

What about SFD?

VCTool is the world’s first third-party application that allows you to unlock control units protected by SFD in real time! You can read more about how to work with SFD here.

Which adapter is suitable?

VCTool supports a large number of interfaces:

  • VAS5054x/6154x, using standard D-PDU API driver.
  • VAS6154 clone interfaces: VNCI 6154, VxDiag VcxNano, etc. VNCI 6154 clone interfaces are recommended to be updated to firmware or higher!
  • To work with the MQBevo, MLBevo and MEB platforms, the eNet interface can be used via the DoIP protocol.
  • Any high-quality J2534 compliant interface that supports the ISO15765 CAN UDS protocol: Tactrix Openport 2.0, Chipsoft, Scanmatik, GoDiag J2534 Nano, etc.
  • (Not recommended) ELM327 compatible adapters built on ELM, STN or MIC chips (Bluetooth and USB): ELM327, OBDLink USB/BT devices, vLinker USB/BT devices. Unfortunately, due to the peculiarities of the data exchange protocol of these interfaces, we do not guarantee stable and fast work with the car when connected via ELM interfaces.

For maximum speed, we recommend using adapters eNet, VAS5054/6154 or J2534.

Is there a free option?

Yes, you can create an account and download VCTool without paying, while some of the presets for activating hidden functions will be available to you, and most of the modules will work in demo mode.

Can VCTool be used to adapt new or used control units to a vehicle, or to program keys?

No, VCTool does not support binding control units to a vehicle, removing component protection, or working with the immobilizer.


Yes. You can use our Stock Service – this is an automatic instantaneous receipt of factory datasets upon request. The request can be generated both manually and on the connected vehicle, or using data from a backup. The service is paid, you can find out the terms of the service directly in VCTool.


Yes. VCTool is a client-server application and most of the information needed to work is stored on our server.

The Internet connection is used only during the login process and download of data (for example, backups, datasets or other data), so if, for example, the connection to the Internet is lost during the firmware update of the control unit, this will not affect the process in any way.


The built-in antivirus of Windows OS may erroneously detect the presence of any Trojan in the VCTool executable file. This is due to the fact that, apparently, the creators of viruses use a similar technology to protect the source code, and the antivirus built into the operating system is, unfortunately, of very poor quality.

We recommend disabling the built-in antivirus during the installation of VCTool, as well as adding the executable file to the exceptions.

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