Introducing VCTool 1.15: More Power, More Flexibility

We are thrilled to announce the release of VCTool 1.15, a significant update designed to make your experience smoother, more flexible, and more intuitive. Our team has been diligently working to implement a range of improvements and exciting new features. Here’s what you can expect: Extensive Fixes and Additions We’ve ironed out the kinks and enhanced overall functionality, offering a

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Recently, there have been reports of attempts to commit fraud related to the offer to purchase VCTool subscriptions allegedly from an official representative. We would like to warn you that at the moment, VCTool has only two official dealers: Viktor Marko (@Viktor_UA) and OBDMAG.RU company. Please note that you can purchase a subscription either directly on our website or by

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VCTool 1.14. What’s new?

In the latest VCTool update, we have expanded the functionality of the “Stock Service” and now, in addition to factory datasets, the service can also receive factory calibrations (codings and adaptations). You can solve the problem of “lost” coding in the brake unit, or encode the control unit in accordance with the factory version (even under someone else’s VIN) in

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Update 1.13

In this update, we offer a new “Stock service”! This is the new service to instantly request factory datasets manually, on a connected vehicle, and also from a backup! Terms of service and prices you can find in VCTool Dataset manager.

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In this update, we are introducing a new module – a backup-based car control unit simulator – UDS ECU Simulator!

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