UDS ECU Simulator


/ Year*
  • Configurable identities
  • VIN Overriding
  • Flashing support
  • SFD Simualtion


/ Year*
  • All features of the BASIC license
  • Configurable channels
  • Configurable routines
  • Configurable DTC's
  • View/edit memory blocks


/ Year*
  • All features of PRO license
  • Capturing flash data
  • Capturing datasets
  • Exporting captured data to VCTool and XML containers
  • Command flow monitoring

Virtual car on your table

This module allows you to revive a backup created in VCTool and use it as a virtual car to work with diagnostic software.

Module Features

The simulator partially reproduces the logic of the vehicle’s control units using the data obtained during the creation of a backup copy of the vehicle. You will be able to connect almost any software that uses standard communication protocols for debugging, learning or other tasks.

Among other things, the simulator allows you to capture and export both flash data and parameter sets (datasets) for further reuse.

What is needed for work?

The ECU Simulator module requires a J2534 or CAN-Hacker (Lawicel) interface and an OBD splitter that allows you to connect more than 1 interface to the CAN bus.

The connection can be made both on an active CAN bus and without it – in this case a 120 Ohm resistor must be placed between the CAN-H and CAN-L contacts of the splitter. To simulate turning the ignition on and off, + 12V must be applied to pin 1 through the switch.

To run the simulator, you need a backup copy of the car created in VCTool. The backup can be opened from a file in the simulator, or the simulator can be invoked using the desired backup from the backup manager. The simulator can only be started without being connected to the vehicle. The use of VCTool as software connected to the simulation is prohibited.

It is recommended to use backups created after January 11, 2022, as they contain more service information necessary for the full functioning of the simulator. It is also recommended that when creating a backup for the simulator, activate the option to include measured values in the backup.

VCTool OBD Pinout


The license for the module is purchased separately and is not included in standard subscriptions.

There are 3 types of licenses that differ from each other in functionality: BASIC, PRO and ULTIMATE. Each of them can be either for 1 month or for 1 year. Purchase/extension of the license is carried out directly in the VCTool software.

The purchased license can be upgraded to a more functional version. A 1 year license can only be upgraded to an annual license.

Trial licenses are not provided. Demo licenses are available upon request.

The simulator may only be used for debugging, training or bench testing purposes. The user is fully responsible for illegal actions committed using the simulator. The developer is not responsible for possible damage caused to third parties by the user. By purchasing and running the simulator, you fully and unconditionally agree to the terms of the License Agreement and the terms of service provision.

Video demonstration

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