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CRD is an internal currency used in VCTool for purchasing paid features, whether subscriptions, presets, or other virtual products.

1 CRD = 1 EUR + VAT (if applicable). The VAT rate is set equal to the rate adopted in your country.

The cost of access to a preset depends on whether you have an active subscription or a coupon.

Basic price – is the price for users who do not have any active subscription or coupon.

Lite, Pro – the cost of the preset for users with Lite or Pro subscriptions.

Ultimate – the cost of the preset for users with an Ultimate subscription. This price is always 0, as absolutely all presets are included in this subscription.

Payment for the preset is charged only once for each VIN, i.e., no charge is taken for repeated use (activation/deactivation/modification)!

A coupon allows you to access all paid presets for one vehicle for 1 month from the date of payment. The cost of the coupon is 16 CRD.
IMPORTANT: The coupon does not include access to program modules, stock service, and SFD unlocking! The coupon is NON-REFUNDABLE if access to any paid preset has been obtained, regardless of the activation result!

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