New release 1.14!


+ New Porsche Security Lock module: allows you to remove write protection lock from control units installed in Porsche vehicles. Works with any interface supported by VCTool. Attention: the module is not included in any of the subscriptions!
+ Support for Porsche vehicles in MIB Manager and hidden features activator to activate VIM.
+ New diagnostic module DSG DQ200: more parameters for diagnostics, dynamic pressure monitoring in mechatronik, basic settings.
+ Expansion of the functionality of the Stock Service: requests for factory codings and adaptations (calibrations) are now available in addition to datasets. Attention: when requesting factory calibrations, the system does not always return a complete set of data for all adaptation channels, but only for those that are coded in accordance with the vehicle's PR codes!
+ Getting factory encodings and adaptations directly from the corresponding editors with a preview of the changes
+ Import adaptations from CSV/ADP files with preview of changes
+ Preview changes when pasting the coding string from clipboard
+ ECUSimulator: the ability to copy commands from the flow to the clipboard, as well as export without data truncation (enabled in the settings)
+ ECUSimulator: support for large blocks (>200Mb) when simulating the flashing process
+ ECUSimualtor: the ability to assign a script to a user-created routine (setting adaptation channels and delaying execution). An example script will be posted on the site or upon request in support.
+ Support for uploading datasets into the BCM units on the MEB platform
+ Minor cosmetic and usability improvements
* Bug fixes and stability improvements
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