VCTool update


This update introduces the following changes:

New CAN Logger

  • Correction of the driver working with the interface to eliminate packet loss
  • UDS packet analyzer
  • Search by frames and comments
  • Display of control unit address or CAN ID
  • Color visualization of incoming/outgoing frames based on CAN ID
  • Increase the speed of data processing
  • Monitoring mode
  • Automatically extract data from segmented packets to the clipboard
  • Automatically search, extract and save to file transfered data (data + signatures)
  • Support for loading trace files saved by CanBusAnalyzer


Serial flashing in ECUFlasher: flashing several files in a row. The ability to open multiple files from disk, and / or download several containers in a row from the server.

Dataset uploading

Support for ODIS-E answer files for parameterization and calibration (Antwort_Parametrierung, Antwort_kalibrierung), including with built-in sessions .frf / .odx


Purchase and view coupons of access to paid presets directly from the program (Offline toolbar or the corresponding tab in account management).

ELM/STN Interfaces

Support for loading .frf / .odx parameters using ELM / STN adapters, but we still strongly not recommended working with such adapters due to their low speed and stability!

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