FOR MQB / MQB2020 / MEB / MLBEvo

Support for a huge number of interfaces: VAS5054/6154, J2534 Passthrough, eNet (DoIP) and ELM327-compatible

Free one-click presets and features

Full support for working with SFD and Porsche Security Lock

Fast measurements using eNet (DoIP), VAS5054/6154 or J2534 Interfaces


Free plan

Create an account and you will have access to many quick presets for free, as well as reading and deleting trouble codes. Without paying, you can view encodings and adaptations, read measured values without plotting, and buy modules individually, if necessary.

Annual plans

The annual Light and Full subscriptions include a partial and full* set of modules with a benefit for you! You pay the cost of the plan once, and then, after a year, pay a small amount for its renewal. Paid one-click presets are not included in the tariff and are paid separately or by coupons.

* excluding UDS ECU Simulator and Porsche Security Lock

Monthly plans

Maximum opportunities for professionals! Tariff plans with a monthly payment include modules, as well as all one-click presets, regardless of their cost, as well as most datasets.



Recently, there have been reports of attempts to commit fraud related to the offer to purchase VCTool subscriptions allegedly from an official representative. We would

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VCTool is a software for diagnostics, flashing, coding, parameterization and activation of hidden features on VAG vehicles built on the MQB, MQBA0, MQBAB, MQB2020, MQB37w, MEB and MLBEvo platforms. No special knowledge or expensive equipment is required to work with the program and activate hidden features. To connect to a car, VCTool supports widespread eNet (DoIP protocol), J2534 PassThrough interfaces, such as Tactrix Openport, Chipsoft Lite / Mid, Scanmatik, Abritus, VAS5054, VAS5054a, VAS6154, VAS6154a, VxDiag VcxNano, MVCI6154, UCDS, Hella Gutmann, Cardaq, etc., as well as interfaces based on ELM and STN microchips: ELM327 USB / BT, ELS27, VGate BT, OBDLink SX / EX / MX + and others. An account is required to work with VCTool. Some of the tools and hidden features are available for free. It is possible both to purchase modules separately, and to work on the basis of subscription plans, which include a certain part of the functionality and activation of all available hidden features. VCTool has a refillable database of parameters, and also allows to request factory datasets and calibrations. Allows to remove the write protection on the control units of Porsche vehicles. It is the only application for a computer with similar functionality and support for available ELM / eNet interfaces.

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